A nearly complete example of a wedding and reception shot in HD in August 2013. We use
Panasonic M43 cameras, which produce a much nicer image than traditional camcorders, and
are great in low light situations. No more
big glaring lights at receptions!

Highlights from a beach wedding shot in HD. Detailed information about our video packages can be found in our video packages section, where you will also find some standard-definition highlights. If you want to see demos of entire weddings, don't hesitate to ask; we'll send you DVDs.

Highlights of a traditional Indian wedding and reception we shot in HD.

We shot the skit above to be shown at a wedding reception along with a slideshow and ceremony highlights.

We are one of the few companies that offer both video and photography, in-house. This means that when you order a combo package of photography and video you are getting a photographer and videographer who are very familiar with each others working style. We know how to work together efficiently without getting in each others way. More samples of our work coming soon. We now shoot exclusively in high def with Panasonic M43 cameras, which give a wonderful cinematic look like the popular Canon DSLRs but produce a sharper image and are almost as easy to work with as regular camcorders. You can choose to have the final edited version in HD on a Blu-Ray disc, or in standard definition on a regular dvd. Check out our blog to view other recent photography and video.


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