Albums and Prints

Samples of Storybook Album pages.

We offer three types of albums: Simple Matted, Traditional, and, for a very elegant presentation, Storybook albums.
Want prints and enlargements only? Scroll to the bottom for prices.
We are here to take exceptional care of you- Custom montages, albums, slideshows, prints etc!




Simple Matted albums

These Tap-Loomis albums come in 4x6 with capacities of 20, 36 and 72 photos, as well as 5x7 & 8x10 sizes, with capacities of 10 & 20. These simple albums have fixed matt frames for each photo. 2.5 hour pkgs come with the 36 photo album. All-day and unlimited pkgs come with the 72 photo album.

4x6 albums with 20 4x6 custom prints- $99.
with 36 prints- $170.
with 72 prints- $230.

5x7 albums with 10 custom 5x7 prints- $125.
with 20 5x7’s- $260.

8x10 albums with 10- custom 8x10 prints- $225.
with 20- 8x10’s- $395.


Large traditional album (10x10)

Small traditional album (7x7)


Traditional albums

Our matted traditional albums are made by General Products, and are virtually identical to Art Leather matted albums. They are available in 7x7 and 10x10 sizes with many options for matte frames, page trim and covers. The custom pages are larger than the standard mats, and lend themselves to custom montage layouts which give a nice and affordable focal point to these albums. These albums are significantly less expensive compared to our storybook albums.

20 page traditional album- your choice of photo sizes & layout- available in 7x7 or 10x10 page sizes. Cost for 7x7 album is $895, and 10x10 album is $995. Addl pages are $45. per side.There are no restrictions on matte choices or on the total number of prints per album. Available in black matte pages with either black, silver or gold matte frames around each photo, and black, silver or gold page trim. We recommend black for page trim and silver for matte frames. (see photos) Custom montaged pages for that digital storybook look can be created. Hourly rate of $75. Call us for more information.

Storybook Albums- Two Options

Option 1: Viva leatherette type cover using our pre-made page templates. Printed on Kodak professional photographic paper. This option is  layed out by hand, using our assortment of page templates that are pre-made. We still make artistic decisions and execute them by hand. We allow you to present photos you want on CD, but there are no design sessions included. We email our page layouts to you, and you can make changes at $75 per hour additional if you wish to. There is no charge if you are happy with our work. The cost is only $1195. for a 24 page album. Additional pages are $60. per side. The viva  album pages are fairly thick compared to our totally custom Renaissance album, which has thinner pages and thinner, silk brocade cover with custom designed dust cover, like an expensive hard-cover book. The Renaissance album is much lighter and thinner than this viva option.

Option 2: Renaissance silk brocade album with custom dust cover is our sexiest book without a doubt. It is thin and very light,  there are no page dividers, and the layout is 100% custom and executed by our world-class graphic artist. No templates are used. Custom layout also on the contemporary dust cover, which makes it a fun process of discovery for your friends and family when they see it for the first time on your coffee table! You come in person, if you wish, for multiple layout sessions, and we email layouts to you and allow multiple changes for no extra charge. No horrifying surprises guaranteed with this method. It is more stressful for us, but it is worth it to see our customers joy when they receive their album. Cost for this option is $1995. for 24 pages, and $75. for additional pages per side.

Ala carte print and enlargement pricing
(One at a time custom adjusted prints)

4x6- $4./ea 5x7- $9./ea. 8x10- $20./ea 11X14- $45./ea
16X20- $150./ea. 20X24- $235./ea 20x30 $295./ea 24X30- $350./ea.
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